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TFN WWC World Wide Communications (TFN WWC) was founded in 2005, as a Communication value added Company to the Kingdom work in United States of America and around the World. The mission of TFN WWC is to establish and maintain a state of the communications infrastructure to dispense content globally; with primary emphasis on World Wide Christian Ministry .

TFN WWC is a joint venture between several Industrial Leaders with common goal of quality communications services to reach our World. TFN WWC achieving improvements in Quality of Service (QoS) while containing cost's initial product set, Web Hosting and Web Development , Media Services and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) will specifically address the needs of the customers in this market who seek reliable Internet access at lower costs.

TFN WWC provides services in three Business sectors:

•  Hosting Services

•  Media Services

•  Access Services

The products and services of TFN WWC are in high demand by Churches, industries such as Banking, Energy, Financial services, Retail, Petroleum, Transportation, Education, & Health. The applications include Environmental Monitoring & Disaster Recovery, Point-of-sale transactions, Multimedia (video and audio) multicast, Distance Learning & Remote Training, Financial Transactions, Medical & Pharmaceutical Tele-consultation, Order Management, Shipment Tracking, Inventory control, and Delivery Reconciliation.

They provide the following advantages:

•  An alternative to the current terrestrial telecommunication infrastructure in remote locations
of the world.

•  Bundles a PC with the service being provided

•  Provides direct linkage to an Internet backbone

•  Is flexible and affordable

•  Delivers information simultaneous to wide geographic areas without regard to geographic barriers

Value-added services in the future will be an important aspect of TFN WWC's strategy to increase its market share.


Through extensive research, and deployment of state of the art technology, TFN WWC has defined a growth strategy that is guaranteed to propel the company to being the premier provider of a full range of communication, multimedia and satellite Interactive TV, while delivering superior integrated customer service and flexible billing.

TFN WWC will provide competitive advantage through:

•  Fully integrated sales and service capabilities

•  Packaging flexibility

•  Operational excellence

•  Seamless geographic extension of TFN WWC brand, network and customer



TFN WWC World Wide Communications ( TFN WWC) will offer the investor the opportunity to invest in this global enterprise.

Office Location

561 Thornton Road, Suite L,
Lithia Spring, Georgia 30122
Voice: (678) 398-8381
Fax: (678) 398-8382
http://www. TFN

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