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The Olumo rock located in Abeokute city of Ogun State, Nigeria is currently being redesigned for tourism. This site will serve as visualization portal for this project as well as for any related information

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Olumo Rock, the most prominent feature of the Yoruba City of Abeokuta, is a massive out crop of granite rocks of primitive formation. The name "OLUMO" derives from the rock being naturally surrounded with caves, which offered protection to the Egbas in the days of inter-tribal wars. It is from this rock that Abeokuta (meaning under the rock) derives its name. To the Egbas, the Olumo Rock stands not only as a monument of faith in unity but also as a source of national strength and unfailing protection and sustenance from the Supreme Being.

The completed design of the proposed Olumo Rock Tourist Center, under the leadership of his Excellency Otunba Gbenga Daniel, Governor of Ogun Sate, consists of a hotel; games hall with facilities for indoor sports; fast-food outlet, creative/cultural gallery, upgraded rock landscape and a giant telescope to view Abeokuta. The design also includes the incorporation of a heavy-duty escalator and a glass elevator running the different levels of the rock.
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